Lab Technician

As a lab technician, Jordan uses software to make 3D models and trays, creates retainers from 3D printed models, and pours and trims impressions for her patients. She enjoys that at Salaita Orthodontics, her coworkers are all positive and encouraging, constantly helping her to improve her work in the lab and clinic. Her favorite part of her job is that she is in charge of making retainers for patients so that they can maintain a perfect smile. Jordan holds certifications in radiology, bloodborne pathogens, infection control and OSHA. She has been interested in the field of dentistry since she had braces as a child, and has always wanted to be a part of helping others love and be confident in their smiles.

When not working, Jordan enjoys spending time with her family, including her mom Amanda, dad Jason, sister Rylee, boyfriend Matt and dog Luna. She also enjoys traveling to different lakes with her boyfriend and dog, and would someday love to visit Greece.

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