Dr. Salaita’s Smile Squad

smile_squadWhat is Dr. Salaita’s Smile Squad?

Dr. Salaita’s Smile Squad is a way to mark and celebrate observation visits for our younger patients. We offer a certificate commemorating induction into the Smile Squad, as well as prizes your child can win by spinning a wheel, like sunglasses, water bottles, keychains, bracelets, stickers, treats, and much more.

Who Can Be a Part of the Smile Squad?

All of our young patients who are not quite ready to begin treatment are eligible to join Dr. Salaita’s Smile Squad. If you bring your child in for an initial consultation and we determine that the best course of action is to wait and observe before orthodontic treatment begins, your child will start their membership in Dr. Salaita’s Smile Squad. Every time they come in for an observation visit, they will have the opportunity to spin the wheel for a prize.

What is the Mission of the Smile Squad?

We want your child to be confident and comfortable when they come in to visit us. Even before official orthodontic treatment begins, it is important that your child looks forward to office visits. Our incentives aim to get your child pumped to come to their appointment!

Ready to get your child excited about their smile by becoming a part of Dr. Salaita’s Smile Squad? Schedule your complimentary consultation by calling (614) 888-4577 today!

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