Model of teeth using 3D printingWhy Use 3D Printing in Orthodontics?

3D printing utilizes the latest technologies available for advanced orthodontic treatments. There are a number of reasons why orthodontists like Dr. Salaita are embracing 3D printing technology, including:

  • Highly accurate scans that are quickly and painlessly performed
  • No need for messy impressions that are sent off to other laboratories
  • In-house creation of oral appliances, allowing for fast response to issues and ability to efficiently tailor orthodontic treatments
  • Convenient service for patients, expediting the receiving of necessary appliances and treatments
  • Enhanced planning for bracket placement and progress so you can know what to expect at every step of your treatment

How do Patients Benefit from 3D Printing?

No one wants to have to come back to the orthodontist’s office time after time for impressions and fittings, waiting for weeks at a time between appointments for retainers, mouth guards, and indirect bonding trays to arrive. With the kind of 3D printing available at Salaita Orthodontics, you will benefit directly with fewer appointments to attend — saving time and money — and a faster delivery for your fully customized appliances. That means you can get started on your orthodontic treatment sooner than traditional methods — and that you’ll have the smile of your dreams that much quicker.

What is the 3D Printing Process Like?

The first step of the 3D printing process here is simple, comfortable, and completely painless. The intra-oral scan maps the inside of your mouth, including your teeth and gums, and stores the images it captures for use in our EnvisionTEC 3D printer system. Think of it as a topographical map of your mouth. We use that image to quickly and accurately produce a range of appliances from trays to deliver the braces to retainers and everything in between. Our technician makes the appliances in house, ensuring a quicker turnaround and more streamlined treatment. We can make any necessary adjustments before sending you on your way.

Interested in learning more about how you can benefit from 3D printing at Salaita Orthodontics? Give us a call at (614) 888-4577 to schedule your consultation today — we’d love to help you learn more.

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