Early TreatmentMy Child Still Has Baby Teeth — Isn’t That Too Early to Think About Braces?

The short answer is no. Even if your child does not have all of their permanent teeth in yet, early consultations with an orthodontist like our team at Salaita Orthodontics is crucial to ensure the healthy development of their teeth and bite.

As early as age 7, we can already identify possible issues — and plans for solutions — with the permanent teeth that have grown in. These issues include:

  • Issues with bites. During your child’s first examination, we will examine any bite issues and make recommendations for treatment, if needed.
  • Issues with spacing. Early orthodontic treatment will determine issues with teeth crowding or abnormal spacing that may require an early response or treatment.
  • Number of teeth. We will be able to analyze whether your child has too many teeth — or too few teeth — during early treatment and exams.
  • Harmful habits. If your child utilized a pacifier for too long during early development, it may affect the growth of their teeth or jaw. Likewise, habits that your child might have, such as sucking their fingers or thumb, can also affect their development.

How Will You Know Whether my Child Needs Braces?

During your child’s initial orthodontic consultation, we will identify any problems that require treatments and help develop a plan tailored to ensure the success of each smile. During this time, we may suggest initial responses in Phase I treatment. These will be steps we take prior to braces. We will make sure to talk you through every step of the recommended treatments, ensuring that you stay informed and understand what we will need to do to promote the health of your child’s smile.

The most important thing is that it is better to identify and treat any orthodontic issues as early as possible. This will pave the way to success with any future needed treatments.

What is Phase I Treatment?

At Salaita Orthodontics, our Phase I treatment plan is customized to the needs of your child. This treatment occurs prior to braces or Invisalign® clear aligners, which may be used in the future. At this point, during Phase 1, we may recommend corrective or preventive treatments. Your child may wear a retainer or other appliance during this period. We may also suggest responses to mitigate any issues, such as wiggling out any problematic baby teeth to help permanent teeth emerge more successfully.

We’re ready to meet you and your child for their first orthodontic consultation! Schedule your appointment by calling (614) 888-4577.

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