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Incentive ProgramsWhat is the Salaita Orthodontics Incentive Program?
We created our incentive program to invite all of our patients to be active, interested and excited participants in their own orthodontic treatment.

In our incentive program, we offer ways for all patients no matter their age to earn tokens that they can save up and redeem for a number of prizes. That allows them to look forward to office visits and help adhere to our treatment plans for a more efficient experience and on-time results.

Who Can Participate in this Program?
Any of our patients in braces can participate in our incentive program. We want all of our patients to be excited about their office visits, and we’ve found that the ability to earn tokens as rewards for exemplary behavior gets them excited to come and see us.

What Incentives are Available?
We offer a number of incentives and prizes to encourage our patients to model the best orthodontic behavior and habits possible. They range in large items that require setting goals and saving tokens to smaller items that require fewer tokens. Some past prizes include:

  • Giftcards
  • Candles
  • Mugs
  • Tumblers
  • Bouncy balls
  • Sportscards
  • Model airplanes
  • Beanie babies
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Basketballs

How Do You Earn Tokens?
There are a number of ways to earn tokens with our incentive program, including:

  • Wearing the Salaita T-shirt to appointments.
  • Keeping teeth healthy. While undergoing orthodontic treatments, patients must take extra special care of their teeth to avoid cavities.
  • Keeping appliances intact. Taking care not to break or damage appliances is key to keeping the treatment on track.
  • Good behavior. In particular, if we recognize that one of our patients is anxious or nervous when sitting in the chair, we may give them extra tokens for doing well during the appointment.

Don’t be surprised if you or your child are more excited to take a more active role in orthodontic health and treatment thanks to the opportunity to earn and redeem tokens in our incentive program!

Would you like to learn more about our incentive programs? Give us a call at (614) 739-8305 — we’re happy to get your questions answered.

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