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We are offering virtual smile consultations to assess the needs of new patients. The process is easy. Just complete the 2 simple steps below and we’ll contact you about your virtual smile consultation.


  1. Have a family member take the photos for you while you are retracting with the spoons.
  2. Use the flash!
  3. Relax your lips – try not to tense up. Use chapstick to help with the stretch.
  4. Crop photos to only include the teeth as much as possible.

    Step 1

    Take photos! Using spoons to retract your lips & cheeks, capture these 5 photos with your mobile phone. Then, upload your unique photos using the file upload button beneath each photo example below: 

    1. Top Teeth

    Top teeth with your chip up

    Top Teeth

    2. Bottom Teeth

    Bottom teeth with your chin down

    Bottom Teeth

    3. Center Teeth

    Center while biting on your back teeth

    Bottom Teeth

    4. Left Teeth

    Right side while biting on your back teeth

    Bottom Teeth

    5. Right Teeth

    Left side while biting on your back teeth

    Bottom Teeth

    Step 2

    Fill out the contact information below, so we can contact you once Dr. Salaita has reviewed the photos. We will reach out to you with further instructions regarding a Zoom consultation:

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